The creation of the Dry Bones Haggadah manuscript was funded by friends and fans through the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. Below are some unsolicited reactions from funders.

Preliminary feedback to Yaakov.

It is even better than I hoped and I rolled on the floor at the cartoon of horseradish. I don't know how you are going to pick specific "originals" for patrons, but that one or the impulse control one--don't start with the matzas yet, or the Hillel sandwich really got me.

Best regards.

Shlomo Jerusalem, Israel

My profound thanks to you both! I have so much enjoyed being part of this amazing project and when I saw the finished product I felt so proud and deeply grateful to you. What an achievement and what a thrill. I don't have adequate words and I certainly don't have adequate drawings to express my joy at being a little part of this project..... Congratulations to you both and the rest of the team and I wish you both shavua tov, much love and a very well earned rest,


Shavua tov!

What a pleasure to Go over this wonderful haggadah


Well done, guys! I am really impressed, as always. You guys are great. I see the talent, and energy, and hard work, and devotion to task, and – did I say that already? - the talent of it all, and am full of admiration.

Peace and blessing,
Jerusalem, Israel

Thank you very much for the upgrade that was a very pleasurable and happy surprise. I didn't get the "b/w = black/white", when I contributed. I'm going to print it with a color printer and I'm sure my 2-year old will be very excited this Passover chattering about all those colorful pictures.

??? ????

Dear Sali and Yaakov,
Thank you so much for your great Haggadah!

It looks fantastic, and I can understand how much work it has been for you/s. Having been in the graphic (print) arts business (at the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem), I can truly compass (verb to ‘compassionate’) with you about all the little/big problems/disasters that can happen.

So, congratulations and well done on keeping your noses to the stone, so that we are thrilled with the results.
I’m currently printing it out and will read it through tonight—as my bedtime story...
It’s such a pleasure to have been part of this process, and I will print out my certificate and make it part of my book also...
Many thanks and blessings,


Dear Yaakov and Sali,

The Hagaddah is magnificent.
Mazal tov, yasher koach and kol hakavod.
Shabbat shalom
Les and Auryt

Dear Yaacov, I had some copies printed and bound as a wire spiral manual and they look wonderful. I slightly modified the file by changing the orientation of the first two and last two pages so that they would print in portrait orientation for the front and back covers and otherwise printed the body of the Haggadah as single sided pages to minimize flipping. of the book Looking forward to using your beautiful work this year. We have a number of non-Jewish guests this year and I think the illustrations and transliterations will really help keep their attention and interest. Happy Holidays, George
I opened the Haggadah as soon as I received the email. The cartoons, alone, are worth it. I can't wait to include your Haggadah at my Seder this year. Todah rabah Hag Pesach Sameach Alan
shavua tov to you all, i love this haggadah and want to say todah for all the work, time, and energy spent in writing drawing and producing this piece of art. i do have a question. will you ever put this into a printed version? shalom shalom, Mike USA
This is lovely. My Grandchildren are my reason for subscribing to this project.. Please rest from this labor and know you have spread the Word of the Lord to many with the joy (humor)that will stick in our hearts and minds.. I want to get at least two more copies. to my friend XXX and to Rabbi XXX who hosts a Passover Feast in XXX, CA. each year for about 500 guests. It is from him I know Dayenu! and his congregation does a dance and song to Dayenu. How can you put a price on each copy. But I will purchase 2 more copies soon. I smiled so big it hurt reading your story on the road to Jerusalem and hope to visit some day. Thank you Faithful Dry Bones follower, David.
Thank you so much for the Haggadah. Fifty years is a long time since we knew each other but I have memories of the QC newspapers as if it happened yesterday. I have been following your work since then and keep in touch with Bernie. I will treasure the Haggadah and pass it along to my children (I have a set of 10 yr old twins as well as older children--much older) and relatives and it will be put to good use. Marc USA
Thank you for the wonderful Hagaddah!! I am so looking forward to using it and sharing it at Pesach. I have loved your cartoons for many, many years - please keep up your wonderful work in bringing a smile (and a shrug sometimes) to many people throughout the world. Malcolm Manchester, England
MAZEL TOV. I am thrilled to see it fininshed. It looks fabulous at a quick glance, which is all I have had a chance to do so far. I will take a copy of it with me when we go to our Seders tomorrow and Tuesday. . I am proud to be able to say that I had a hand in this. Hag Pesach to you and the LSW. Jerome USA
Yaakov I really appreciate the Haggadah. It's amazing. I'm still in the middle of the introduction but I've been reading individual pages. I now have my reading for the entire Pesach I think you will have a best- seller Wishing you a chag sameach Shlomo
Dear Yaakov, Thank you so much. I look forward to reading through it and perhaps using it for this year's Sedars. Typos? What, our people had time to spellcheck? Besides, after the first cup of wine, who's going to notice? Best of luck with a very worthwhile project George
I printed it out and I love it. Thank you so much. Chag Sameach Joyce
. . . arrived today! Thank you SO much for your prompt shipment. They're already stashed away from the Chometz. Hope you and yours have a wonderful and spiritually-meaningful Yom Tov. All our best, Isaac USA
Just want to congratulate you two on a wonderful addition to our celebration! Finally opening this on a computer that allows me to see it - and laughing out loud!!! Shabbat shalom and chag kasher v'sameach! from the Fletcher family USA
Sali and Yaakov, There's an enormous smile on my face. WONDERFUL!!!!!! Love, GL USA
Shalom rav! I've received your Haggadah, and have take a glimpse on it. It looks very, very well. It makes me very happy too, and drew smiles in my face. Congratulations! Thank you for your extra present (full color edition). Best regards, Eduardo G
Thank you so much for this wonderful Haggadah! You did an outstanding job for which you should be extremely proud, and rightly so! I wish you both a Very Happy Passover, and hope to have the pleasure to meeting you in the near future. Kol Hakavod, HD Canada
Thank you. It was my pleasure to support you. I have been enjoying your art and your humor for years. Chag sameach! RT
Bravo! Magnifique! GD
Just opened my new Haggadah up and checked it out. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for creating such a meaningful and interesting version for our next Seder. AP USA
Thank you so much. It looks great! Stephanie USA
Thank you, Yaakov and LSW for sending out the pre-publication edition; I feel very honoured to have had a part in it, however small! Its a terrific piece of work and you should both be very proud of your achievement. Andrew London
Hi guys. LOVE the look of the haggadah, Laura
Wow, you guys, what a project and it is beautiful. I love it. I can't say I've read every word yet, but I've spent a good deal of time with it and it's so much more than I expected. Now I want a hard copy. I assume you'll let us all know when that's available???? Congratulations. I know how much work went into this. Much love to you both, RB USA
THANK YOU ! This is a wonderful Haggadah that we will enjoy reading at the Seder. Best wishes, Kol Touv, JC